On Episode 108 Andy goes over what's been going on with the show and why the changes. He also covers some Disneyland news, Oscar nominations, new Beauty and the Beast posters and an awesome Youtube channel called Fastpass facts! That and much more on Episode 108 of The DCast.

Fastpass Facts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_Mt...

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Guardians of Disneyland- Episode 87 of The DCast

August 22, 2016

Andy and Dale talk about what's going on at the movies, the weirdness that is YouTube, more Disneyland News and Guardians of the Galaxy News.

Disneyland Changes are a Coming- Episode 86 of The DCast

August 15, 2016

Andy and Dale are back together talking Disneyland changes, Star Wars Rogue One, Pete's Dragon and much more including Box Office Run Down and This Week on YouTube.

Disneyland’s 60th is Over- Episode 85 of The DCast

August 9, 2016

On Episode 85 Josh jumps in again, this time for Andy, as Dale and him discuss the Box Office Run Down, This Week On YouTube,the release of a Disney chat app ,Disneyland ending it’s 60th celebration and Miss Fortune’s Falls at Typhoon Lagoon. 

The Disney Community- Episode 84 of The DCast

August 1, 2016

Join Andy and Josh as they give you the box office run down, this week on YouTube and talk about what is the Disney Community. 

Pixar Theory Author Jon Negroni- The DCast Episode 83

July 25, 2016

On Episode 83 Dale and Andy talk the Box office rundown, some Comic Hall H news and they talk with author, film critic and Pixar Theory Author Jon Negroni.

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Happy Birthday Disneyland with a Star Wars, Pokemon & Ghostbusters Celebration- The DCast Episode 82

July 18, 2016

On Episode 82 we talk Disneyland turing 61, the Box Office Rundown,This Week On YouTube, The Pixar Formula, Star Wars Celebration News and plenty of PokeMon mixed in for kicks! 

The BFG & Wreck-It Ralph- Episode 80 of The DCast

July 4, 2016

Josh Taylor of Modern Mouse Radio Joins Andy as they discuss YouTube, The Weekend Box Office, The BFG and Wreck-It Ralph on Episode 80 of The DCast. 

Why Is Cars 2 the Worst Pixar Film?- Episode #79 of The DCast

June 27, 2016

On Episode 79 Andy & Dale talk "The Box Office Rundown", "This week on YouTube", Darth Vader conformed in Rogue One, The BFG and they discuss Why Is Cars 2 the Worst Pixar Film? That and much more on Episode 79 of TheDcast on Network 1901.

The DCast Episode 78- Jonathan Carlin talks Finding Dory

June 20, 2016

Jonathan Carlin of the Super Carlin Brother talks with Dale and Andy about Pixar's latest film Finding Dory!